Sony Xperia M4 Aqua Dual: Is it worth the Price?

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Sony has recently launched the Sony Xperia M4 Aqua Dual. It is a fully waterproof and has all the good features of Sony smart phones. However the price is a bit too high as per me.

Sony Xperia M4 Aqua dual

Let’s have a look at the technical details of the phone:

  • Display – 5 inch 720 pixels high-definition Display – A good quality display in the price and the quality is real good.
  • Operating System – It has Android 5.0 Lollipop version. Well it is not the latest but the good thing is can be upgraded.
  • Processor – 64 bit Snapdragon Octa core processor is good enough for this phone. But it responds slowly in case of heavy graphics and games.
  • 4G Dual SIM – Well that feature comes in almost every smart phone nowadays.
  • 13MP rear camera – Here is where Sony disappoints. Its camera reads as 13 MP but is not good as Sony camera used to be in their earlier phones.
  • Memory – 16 GB internal memory with up to 32 GB SD card support is great.
  • RAM – The 4 GB RAM seems a bit less. 89 GB would have made the phone fast and look its current price more attractive.
  • Battery – A god 2400 mAH battery last for more than a day. Good enough!
  • Water proof – This is the premium feature. You can take it in rains and go swimming with it. But beware it is made for 30 minutes under water only.

Overall the phone looks a bit over priced as the features do not match its price. It would have been better off at 20% lesser. However if you are Xperia Z fan this might suit you.


Best tablets in 2015

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Tablets in 2015

Tablets are cumbersome to carry as a  calling device, but are better than a laptop. This gadget is the trans between smart phones and computers.I love the convenience they provide. Here are a few great additions to the category in 2015.

  • Apple iPad Air 2 – The best addition to the iPad series. The Touch id is a great addition to the iPad. Any day iPad is the best tablet, with its quality display and the camera. No Android tablet has been able to match it yet.
  • Google Nexus 9 – After it bought Motorola, Google is all set to rule the Android tablet market. I loved the user interface and the features. Yes it is behind iPad in looks but has a better processor. If you want a tablet to do official work Nexus is the best bet.
  • Dell Venue 8700 – The USP of this tablet is the great camera and the applications for photography. Yes its camera takes better pictures than iPad and to top it all the camera app to edit photos is the best in the market. Great tablet made for photographers.
  • Nvidia Shield Tablet – You love gaming but do not get the feel in either iPad or any other Android or Window tablet then this is made for you. The sensors are amazing and suited for ultimate gaming experience.
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 3 – The best tablet launched by Microsoft. It was launched as a connecting link between laptop and tablet. It has free keyboard and can be used as a laptop as well. The tablet scores because of its multi use and the Windows 8 operating system.

Apple pay – The future of electronic payment

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Apple Pay is the new technology that Apple unveiled with launch of its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. It has two major uses. Payment in retail stores using fingerprint sensor and payment inside applications on iPhone.

Apple pay -  The future of electronic payment

Apple pay – The future of electronic payment


The new technology only works on iOS right now. It essentially requires TouchID sensor. On the applications supporting this technology completing a purchase can be done with a finger. Apple Store has this feature for in store purchase in iPhone 5 launch also. But it was limited to the Apple Store.

Now the technology will give one touch purchasing experience, and also keep your shipping information without botheration of filling up details. This is going to revolutionize online payment. However the market for this technology is very small at the moment. It will mostly affect the big banks and financial institutions. It will act as a disruptive technology for them. The banks have to be ready for the change that is coming.

The setup is very simple as it is connected to the Passbook which currently stores boarding pass, tickets, coupons etc. The same will store debit and credit cards also. The first card you can add is the one on your iTunes account. Just enter the card security code and it is ready. Entering information of a new card can be done manually or using iSight camera.

Does it integrate all Payment Cards?

Apple is trying hard to put this together, but at the present it does not work with all. Apple has already signed up with 500 regional banks, and 50 major world players in the banking industry. The future looks bright but now only limited options are available. Store-branded cards, prepaid cards are planned for future integration. It will take time for the technology to come of age.

The First Smartphone with a Heart Rate Sensor

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Can you believe it? I couldn’t when I first heard. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is the first smartphone with a heart rate sensor built in! Although I am loyal to my iPhone I have to admit that I was quite turned on by this high-tech phone! I mean who wouldn’t want a phone that has something that all the other phones on the market don’t have (yet). After those stressful days at work, it could be useful to make sure my heart rate hasn’t exploded out of my body.

As Samsung says all you got to do is open the built-in S health app and then place your finger on the back of the device gently and measure your heart rate. Afterwards your bpm should show up as seen in the picture above. It’s as easy as that! For those health freaks out there it’s even possible to take it up a notch and purchase the additional Samsung gear to track calories, speed duration among other things. Maybe I should consider getting one and getting myself into better shape!

The sensor is not only useful for checking your heart rate but can also be used as a fingerprint scanner to lock your screen and maintain privacy. That would definitely be a great option to have and lock my phone since my girlfriend keeps trying to look at all my text messages.

So is a heart rate sensor enough to sell me on the Samsung Galaxy S5? Maybe, maybe not. Although I will keep it in mind when I decide to finally get off the computer dreaming about all the cool technology out there and get myself into shape.



Winning Wearables?

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apple smartwatch

I keep hearing conflicting stories when it comes to all the new wearables out there now. This includes the smartwatch which is probably getting the most attention and with good reason.

Everyone wears watches and or bracelets so it just makes sense. It is not some strange device on some strange part of your body, it is right there where you can see it and where it can get great readings.

I haven’t had the chance to test any of these puppies out yet, have any of you? I would love to hear about it in the comment section below.

Of all the purposes I have hear I am personally most interested in ones that monitor health and sleep in particular. I am a crappy sleeper and would love to learn more about my patters in hopes of sleeping past 4am!

I have to say though that some of these designs are just plain ugly. I am torn on the apple smartwatch though. It’s simplicity is both what I do like and don’t like about it. Know what I mean? Not that it matters, unless they can get their battery problem worked out there will be no watches to wear.

Do you think smartwatches are the wave of the future and all our giant and small cell phones will be a thing of the past?

Its Christmas, time for all the trashy nerdy gizmos…

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Feeling quite nostalgic for the days of old when a light-sabre from Star Wars would be a wonderful gift. I told family and friends not to buy me anything sensible this year so looking forward to what I will get. As I can’t wait and love hunting around the internet I have found a few suggestions.

Solarbotics Perpetual Motion Marble Kit, I can put this in the garden or on a bright windowsill and I can pretend I can create perpetual motion. Building it sounds like fun as well.

Now I am still a Star Wars fan and I can combine this with a truly great lawn/desk decoration. Its a fallen AT-AT Walker, a what at you say, clearly you have never watch The Empire Strikes Back, it is the one and only AT-AT Walker that fell at the Battle of Hoth. How the mighty can fall, something for us all to remember.

At At walker toy for the geek in everyone

Tickets for the Armageddon Expo, I can travel to any of them ..Really! I would love to go.

Well thats enough of that. To more interesting news, interested in how the world began, did an asteroid strike kickstart life on earth? Scientists have been trying to prove this theory and this post gives an interesting but not decisive account of how they have tried to recreate the action. Not quite Star wars of Jurassic Park but interesting. To conclude this meandering post, how about how tech is catching up to Star Trek? This post argues that we are fast catching up with our smart phones being on route to Captain Kirks communicator and with the new tech bringing medical assessments to the phones we will not need Dr McCoys tricorder…Thank goodness whiskey will stay the same, oh yea a bottle of Sctoch would also do very nicely for Xmas, Thank you.

One bottle of Scotch whiskey why not three or four?

Mapping Illegal Fishing from Space?

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So I was reading this interesting article on mapping illegal fishing from space where there is a huge amount of progress with satellite imagery now that we can use for various reasons on Earth. I think it’s an interesting concept and I think it also poses some serious political and legal issues in and around New Zealand with all of the oceanic fishing that happens in the region of the world. I think it would definitely be a way to catch people performing illegal fishing, okay we can see them doing it but how do we possibly enforce anything? They’ve done similar projects with satellite imagery for watching ceasefire borders  with South Sudan and Sudan etc. but how well did that actually help the situation?

illegal fishing watched from space

The article states “A prototype of the system, called Global Fishing Watch, was unveiled today at the IUCN World Parks Congress in Sydney. The tool makes use of Google’s mapping software and servers to display the tracks followed in 2012 and 2013 by some 25,000 ships that were either registered as large commercial fishers or were moving in ways that strongly suggest fishing activity.” which is quite interesting that they will be actually tracking fishing routes. I think this is more effective than chasing specific commercial boats individually but to track pathways to catch illegal fishing. What do you all think about this project and it’s implications for New Zealand and the surrounding oceans?

Try something new…

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try turning your tech into a garden

Currently in our household we have two computers that are past their useful date, one broken ipad, one no longer capable of updating, and numerous discarded phones.

While Apple have quite a good trade in service, and I could return the broken ipad for a refurbished one at not too bad a cost, news this week of the current model ipad has left me feeling depressed about the future of ipad. Once the most desirable of products, Apple seem to be falling behind the market in all aspects of design and usability – maybe its time to try out the Kindle Fire.

But, that leaves me with the usual question of what to do with all these pieces of useless equipment. Inspiration has come to me in all forms, the most practical i found being in this article. But, possibly more entertaining and definitely more useful for laptops would be these options – this weekend I’m definitely trying the ipad for table tennis, and the laptop as a nutcracker, or maybe egg cooker! I think I’ll get some money through Ferratum for some new tech, leaving me free to try whatever I want with the old stuff!

perfect eggs on your laptop

Having said that I read yesterday about how Electrolux have designed the ultimate kitchen gadget, a notebook that’s also a chopping board and cooktop, so maybe I need one of these!

For Better Or For Worse?

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As any of my readers would expect I’ve been frothing at the mouth with excitement waiting for news and information about Apple’s latest venture – the iPhone 6. It’s hit the stores in Japan (that lucky country who have been blessed with an unmatched ability to design, produce and experience the latest in technological updates and breakthroughs) to an enthusiastic group of lucky first-buyers, some of who waited in line for days to get their hands on it. So is the fuss worth it?

I’m not a huge Apple fan although I’ve had my trusty 4th generation iPod in my pocket for almost 3 years now. I do have to say I love the speediness of the iOS and just using it makes me feel like a spaceman from the future. Every time I see the menu transitions it makes me tingle with childish glee. Yet I never got down with the yearly updates and upgrades that pour out of Apple incessantly. I can’t say why other than when I’ve gone into the stores to try the latest and greatest devices for myself, I’ve never really noticed much that would justify the expenditure.

The same can’t be said for people in Japan however who flock to the stores to be among the first to grab the new gizmos. The predictable yearly releases are starting to seem a little sour to me as it looks more like a company selling a brand rather than useful, life-enhancing technology. We know the capabilities of Apple are nextgen and cutting edge, but they drip feed us their progress with updates and minor improvements, forcing us to shell out our hard earned cash time and time again for a few minor tweaks and improvements.


I find my focus and enthusiasm shifting to another kind of story nowadays. Posted in the technology/environment section of the BBC website, this story details the development of a chinstrap which will harness the locomotion of chewing and turn it into energy. It’ll be fascinating to see just how many people truly care about the environment and are willing to strap on a potentially embarrassing piece of tech. I for one am shameless enough to do it. Are you?

4K Blu-ray is SOO yesterday!


I remember when I held my first CD in my hands. The technology back then seemed almost magical. I held the hologram-like surface against a light and inspected its rainbow colours. This is the future I thought to myself. When the CD was first promoted to the public, its mechanical resilience and archival lifespan were big selling points. As everyone was soon to discover, the CD was more suitable as a drink coaster than a long-term digital storage device. Soon after that came Sony’s SACD or Super Audio CD, boasting a 2.8224 MHz sampling frequency compared to the CD’s meagre 44.1 kHz. Great! Who doesn’t want better audio quality in their living room? Audiophiles gladly went to the bank to take out a small fortune to buy the first ever SACD player. In Japan, at the same time, the MiniDisc player

MiniDisc - a window into the 21st century.

MiniDisc – a window into the 21st century.

 had already been steaming ahead like a locomotive on jet fuel. I owned one of these devices in early 1998 (early adopter, as usual), and I soon realised what was coming next. Tethered to the earphones was a handy little controller that would display the song and artist name of the music playing at the moment. To me, it was obvious — in a matter of years the need for the bulky player would be history, and the music would be stored in a device that would look much like the headphone controller of a MiniDisc player. My mates laughed at this notion, but I laughed louder when the flash memory-based MP3 player arrived shortly thereafter.



4K – My eyes, My eyes!!



HD, Full HD and now 4K. I really don’t want to sound like some old geezer, complaining about new tech, but really, 4K makes my eyes hurt! My brain can’t even process the information. I feel like I’m in the matrix and someone just overclocked the processor beyond what my visual cortex can handle. Maybe one day I’ll find myself delighted to have a 4K TV set at home (prices are dropping rapidly), but how will the data be delivered? Blu-ray is capable of storing a full-length 4K film, but even if someone gave me a Blu-ray disc for free, I’d just put it under my lager.


I say broadband is getting old. I say Blu-ray is ancient history! I advocate human neural streaming! Grab your friend’s hand, and close your eyes! Unfortunately human neurons can only transfer data at speeds of up to 100 meters per second, but with a little bit of metalorganic bioengineering, I’m sure we’ll be able to boost it to levels required to watch 4K movies in our own heads.