For Better Or For Worse?

environment, Tech

As any of my readers would expect I’ve been frothing at the mouth with excitement waiting for news and information about Apple’s latest venture – the iPhone 6. It’s hit the stores in Japan (that lucky country who have been blessed with an unmatched ability to design, produce and experience the latest in technological updates and breakthroughs) to an enthusiastic group of lucky first-buyers, some of who waited in line for days to get their hands on it. So is the fuss worth it?

I’m not a huge Apple fan although I’ve had my trusty 4th generation iPod in my pocket for almost 3 years now. I do have to say I love the speediness of the iOS and just using it makes me feel like a spaceman from the future. Every time I see the menu transitions it makes me tingle with childish glee. Yet I never got down with the yearly updates and upgrades that pour out of Apple incessantly. I can’t say why other than when I’ve gone into the stores to try the latest and greatest devices for myself, I’ve never really noticed much that would justify the expenditure.

The same can’t be said for people in Japan however who flock to the stores to be among the first to grab the new gizmos. The predictable yearly releases are starting to seem a little sour to me as it looks more like a company selling a brand rather than useful, life-enhancing technology. We know the capabilities of Apple are nextgen and cutting edge, but they drip feed us their progress with updates and minor improvements, forcing us to shell out our hard earned cash time and time again for a few minor tweaks and improvements.


I find my focus and enthusiasm shifting to another kind of story nowadays. Posted in the technology/environment section of the BBC website, this story details the development of a chinstrap which will harness the locomotion of chewing and turn it into energy. It’ll be fascinating to see just how many people truly care about the environment and are willing to strap on a potentially embarrassing piece of tech. I for one am shameless enough to do it. Are you?


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