Best tablets in 2015

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Tablets in 2015

Tablets are cumbersome to carry as a  calling device, but are better than a laptop. This gadget is the trans between smart phones and computers.I love the convenience they provide. Here are a few great additions to the category in 2015.

  • Apple iPad Air 2 – The best addition to the iPad series. The Touch id is a great addition to the iPad. Any day iPad is the best tablet, with its quality display and the camera. No Android tablet has been able to match it yet.
  • Google Nexus 9 – After it bought Motorola, Google is all set to rule the Android tablet market. I loved the user interface and the features. Yes it is behind iPad in looks but has a better processor. If you want a tablet to do official work Nexus is the best bet.
  • Dell Venue 8700 – The USP of this tablet is the great camera and the applications for photography. Yes its camera takes better pictures than iPad and to top it all the camera app to edit photos is the best in the market. Great tablet made for photographers.
  • Nvidia Shield Tablet – You love gaming but do not get the feel in either iPad or any other Android or Window tablet then this is made for you. The sensors are amazing and suited for ultimate gaming experience.
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 3 – The best tablet launched by Microsoft. It was launched as a connecting link between laptop and tablet. It has free keyboard and can be used as a laptop as well. The tablet scores because of its multi use and the Windows 8 operating system.