The First Smartphone with a Heart Rate Sensor

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Can you believe it? I couldn’t when I first heard. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is the first smartphone with a heart rate sensor built in! Although I am loyal to my iPhone I have to admit that I was quite turned on by this high-tech phone! I mean who wouldn’t want a phone that has something that all the other phones on the market don’t have (yet). After those stressful days at work, it could be useful to make sure my heart rate hasn’t exploded out of my body.

As Samsung says all you got to do is open the built-in S health app and then place your finger on the back of the device gently and measure your heart rate. Afterwards your bpm should show up as seen in the picture above. It’s as easy as that! For those health freaks out there it’s even possible to take it up a notch and purchase the additional Samsung gear to track calories, speed duration among other things. Maybe I should consider getting one and getting myself into better shape!

The sensor is not only useful for checking your heart rate but can also be used as a fingerprint scanner to lock your screen and maintain privacy. That would definitely be a great option to have and lock my phone since my girlfriend keeps trying to look at all my text messages.

So is a heart rate sensor enough to sell me on the Samsung Galaxy S5? Maybe, maybe not. Although I will keep it in mind when I decide to finally get off the computer dreaming about all the cool technology out there and get myself into shape.