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try turning your tech into a garden

Currently in our household we have two computers that are past their useful date, one broken ipad, one no longer capable of updating, and numerous discarded phones.

While Apple have quite a good trade in service, and I could return the broken ipad for a refurbished one at not too bad a cost, news this week of the current model ipad has left me feeling depressed about the future of ipad. Once the most desirable of products, Apple seem to be falling behind the market in all aspects of design and usability – maybe its time to try out the Kindle Fire.

But, that leaves me with the usual question of what to do with all these pieces of useless equipment. Inspiration has come to me in all forms, the most practical i found being in this article. But, possibly more entertaining and definitely more useful for laptops would be these options – this weekend I’m definitely trying the ipad for table tennis, and the laptop as a nutcracker, or maybe egg cooker! I think I’ll get some money through Ferratum for some new tech, leaving me free to try whatever I want with the old stuff!

perfect eggs on your laptop

Having said that I read yesterday about how Electrolux have designed the ultimate kitchen gadget, a notebook that’s also a chopping board and cooktop, so maybe I need one of these!