Winning Wearables?

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apple smartwatch

I keep hearing conflicting stories when it comes to all the new wearables out there now. This includes the smartwatch which is probably getting the most attention and with good reason.

Everyone wears watches and or bracelets so it just makes sense. It is not some strange device on some strange part of your body, it is right there where you can see it and where it can get great readings.

I haven’t had the chance to test any of these puppies out yet, have any of you? I would love to hear about it in the comment section below.

Of all the purposes I have hear I am personally most interested in ones that monitor health and sleep in particular. I am a crappy sleeper and would love to learn more about my patters in hopes of sleeping past 4am!

I have to say though that some of these designs are just plain ugly. I am torn on the apple smartwatch¬†though. It’s simplicity is both what I do like and don’t like about it. Know what I mean? Not that it matters, unless they can get their battery problem worked out there will be no watches to wear.

Do you think smartwatches are the wave of the future and all our giant and small cell phones will be a thing of the past?


I’m Drooling Again; THE LG G3 Smartphone -Gaah!

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I’ve been really¬†unlucky when it comes to mobiles. I think I’ve mostly just been a bit of a cheapskate really, buying dodgy tech that seemed cool at the time but that should have raised warning flags when it came to pricing. When I’m looking to buy new tech, gear or ‘nerdware’ I usually start with 3 months of research. Essentially, if I’m honest with myself, it is just an excuse for looking at nerd porn until my eyes bleed, and in many ways it is also an escape from my work-related woes. So, for 3 months it is I’ll get that mobile, I’m sure and but this one has heaps of extra features! and so on, back and forth until I can’t take the excitement anymore and actually buy the damn thing. Yes, it is a nerdgasm!


LG G3 – The Ultimate Mobile?

Currently, I’m drooling over the LG G3. It looks like a mobile from some wet dream I had and that I now only have vague memories of. It fits right into that slot where my mind has installed a placeholder instead of a clear picture of The Ultimate Mobile. The lines, the absolutely gorgeous screen and raw power simply… I’m sorry, I think I just started crying silently without noticing it myself. Unfortunately the G3 is a bit out of my price range, but I won’t let that deter me from drooling and enjoying the delirium the thought of touching it induces in me. Blip, blip – 0o0 h!